Towards Automation for MLOps: An Exploratory Study of Bot Usage in Deep Learning Libraries

Akond Rahman, Farzana Ahamed Bhuiyan, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Hossain Shahriar, and Fan Wu in 46th IEEE Computer Society Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2022 Pre-print

Machine learning (ML) operations or MLOps advocates for integration of DevOps-related practices into the ML development and deployment process. Adoption of MLOps can be hampered due to a lack of knowledge related to how development tasks can be automated. A characterization of bot usage in ML projects can help practitioners on the types of tasks that can be automated with bots, and apply that knowledge into their ML development and deployment process. To that end, we conduct a preliminary empirical study with 135 issues reported mined from 3 libraries related to deep learning: Keras, PyTorch, and Tensorflow. From our empirical study we observe 9 categories of tasks that are automated with bots. We conclude our work-in-progress paper by providing a list of lessons that we learned from our empirical study.