I am Akond, Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science (CSC) at North Carolina State University. I am extremely privileged to be supervised by Dr. Laurie Williams. I am also the member of the Realsearch research group. Recently, I won the Grand Prize of the Microsoft Open Source Challenge in April, 2016, covered by Betanews.
I was born in Bangladesh, a beautiful country in South Asia. I completed my undergraduate studies in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), and M.Sc. at University of Connecticut.

I like thinking and solving research problems in software enginering . My research interests include Continuous Deployment, DevOps, and Mining Software Repositories. To conduct my research activities I have relied on evolutionary algorithms, grounded theory, mining algorithms, statistical methods, and supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.

I believe quality research in software engineering requires collaboration with industry partners. As part of my first research project where I have cataloged continuos deployment practices, I actively have collaborated with representatives of numerous companies namely, Facebook, Github, and Netflix.
In a similar manner with help of representatives from the software industry, I also have investigated how DevOps adoptees perceive DevOps practices and principles to be beneficial or harmful for software security. Relevant findings are available here.

Current Research Activities:

  • I am currently investigating how software metrics such as cyclomatic complexity, number of lines of code, number of functions, can be used to predict how susceptible can open source Android applications be for vulnerability. The goal of this research is to help Android application developers to estimate the vulnerability risk of their developed applications through the use of software metrics that are readily available from static analysis tools. Stay tuned for the latest findings!
  • I am currently investigating the factors that contribute to the usage of modern release engineering tools such as Git, Maven, Ansible, and Puppet. I hope findings from this empirical study will help in designing better tools as well as facilitating the education process of these tools. Stay tuned for the latest findings!